Personalized Learning - Accommodating Start for the Day

Accommodating Start for the Day

An accommodating start for the school day seems necessary considering the following different aspects:

  • According to the newest findings of brain research, the concentrated cognitive reception of content (in the sense of teacher-orientated lessons) for children and adolescents starts earliest at 8.30 a.m.
  • In our school we offer in parts an “open beginning” of lessons, as pupils are let into their classrooms considerably before 8:00 a.m. and can start using these independently.
  • Every morning, the first lesson begins with a personalized learning sequence, and this again begins with the morning circle.
  • For the morning circle, the galleries in every “class house” are deliberately used as a separate space for learning.
  • In the following independent study phases, the pupils are acquainted with systematic and lasting methods of working which can then also be used in the class’s free working periods and in its regular lessons (independent study with freely selectable materials in silent work; teamwork).
  • Every personalized learning lesson on Mondays begins with a „word into the week“, so that here, too, room is given to exchange personal thoughts with fellow pupils and the class teacher.


Personalized Learning