Personalized Learning - Subjects

The Subjects Involved in Personalized Learning

In every year of learning, different subjects are involved, renouncing one lesson of their respective subject and instead investing it into the personalized learning lessons.

The allocation is as following:

Year 5: German, Social Studies, and Natural Sciences

Year 6: English, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Religious Knowledge

Year 7: German, Social Studies, Religious Knowledge, and Music

Year 8: Mathematics, Art, Religious Knowledge, and Chemistry (1st Semester)

In coordination with the teachers’ conference of the respective subject, themes are chosen from the subject’s curriculum and material is prepared, which the pupils can then work on self dependently in the personalized learning lessons. This includes using different work techniques, as for example conducting an experiment, different methods of understanding texts, or an Internet research. In this way different skills are boosted.


Personalized Learning