Personalized Learning - Preamble


„It is the most important task of schools, to arrange learning in such a way that it can lead to education. That is why learning needs space; the freedom of the school to rethink teaching in each case and to generate education.“ 1

In this sense, the EGG considers itself a comprehensive school dedicated to progressive education, which tries to connect architectural opportunities with pedagogical ideas to benefit a successful learning process of its pupils.
These considerations led to the development of personalized learning in the school year of 2010/2011 with the aim of individualising learning processes. For every pupil, this means dealing with study contents of different subjects at a pace appropriate for his or her individual learning requirements. Pupils are able to find their individual learning methods by choosing freely from the material provided by the teachers of the participating school subjects. Minimum requirement standards were established for every subject, which may and should of course be exceeded by pupils of higher performance.


Personalized Learning


1 „Die wichtigste Aufgabe von Schule ist, Lernen so anzulegen, dass daraus Bildung werden kann. Darum braucht Lernen Freiraum; die Freiheit der Schule, den Unterricht jeweils neu zu denken und auf Bildung anzulegen.“ Schulverbund Blick über den Zaun: Was ist eine gute Schule? Leitbild und Standards, Stuttgart 2007, S. 5