Personalized Learning - Passing-on the Material

Passing-on the Material

The teachers’ conferences of those subjects involved in Personalized Learning have developed teaching material with time and effort that enable students to learn independently and individually responsible.
In the course of the school year, the class teachers arrange for the use of the appropriate teaching materials in their classes. At the end of the school year, it is the teachers’ responsibility to check the material for completeness and to supply replacement if necessary.
The expendable material for Natural Sciences must equally be restocked. Every subject’s conference has developed a catalogue and a folder to be consulted in the Personalized Learning office. Additionally, all of the teaching materials are saved in the schools intranet, so that they may be consulted and copied by all colleagues.

In the days before and after the summer holidays, habitually reserved for class activities, those colleagues who do not have their own class take care of copying and laminating assignments for Personalized Learning. A smooth transfer of learning materials to the respective consecutive year is a sign of sustainable cooperation in the subjects’ teachers’ conferences.


Personalized Learning